Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clean of Heart Stories- Part 4

Over the past week we have shared Clean of Heart client stories. Today we will conclude this spotlight series. To read earlier posts containing client stories or to read what our volunteers said about serving at Clean of Heart, please go here.

“I've been coming to Clean of Heart for 5 glorious months! My friend told me about Clean of Heart. These are the most caring, loving, and truly unselfish people I have met while being homeless. They have truly lifted my spirits and state of mind.”

“I found out about Clean of Heart online. I've been coming for 19 months since it first opened. Even if I just get cleaned up once a week that’s a big help to me.”

Clean of Heart is located in Columbia, SC and offers showers and laundry services to homeless individuals, like this client, in the Midlands area.

“I started coming to Clean of Heart about 3 months ago. I heard about it through word of mouth. It feels good to be clean and have clean clothes to wear. Thanks!”

Thanks for following along with these stories! If you are interested in volunteering or donating to Clean of Heart or would like to learn more about Clean of Heart and other Catholic Charities ministries, please visit our website here.

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