Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clean of Heart Stories- Part 1

We recently featured stories from some of our Clean of Heart volunteers. Clean of Heart is a Columbia, SC, ministry that exists to provide laundry services and showers to the homeless population. Over the next few days we are featuring stories from some of the Clean of Heart clients. If you would like to learn more about donating your time or resources to this wonderful program, please visit our website here. To hear from our volunteers, you may read past blog posts here.

“I have been coming to Clean of Heart for ten months and first heard about it from a sponsoring church. Coming here has given me hope that there are still a few people left who care. It’s nice to, at least, have the ‘outside of the cup’ clean.”

Clean of Heart not only gives clients a chance to shower and get clean clothes but also lets volunteers and clients get to know one another.

“I saw a sign on a church door about 13 months ago about Clean of Heart. I’m much happier now. I love having clean clothes.”

 “I found out about this program from a MACH pamphlet. I have been coming for 4 months now. Coming to Clean of Hear has helped me maintain dignity in difficult circumstances. You get dirty sleeping outside. I mean ‘dirt’ dirty. That is why people on the street look rough. By washing regularly I don’t have to look or feel dirty. I haven’t become hopeless like so many on the street. Clean of Heart saved me from despair.”

Come back tomorrow to hear more stories from Clean of Heart clients!

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