Thursday, October 25, 2012

Clean of Heart Stories- Part 2

On Wednesday we shared what some of the Clean of Heart clients had to say about their experiences in this program. The post may be found here. Today we bring you stories from more of our Clean of Heart Clients. To learn more about Clean of Heart and how you can donate or volunteer to this wonderful program, please go here.

“I heard about Clean of Heart from St. Peter's and started coming 4 months ago. Clean clothes and shower are a blessing. Oh yeah, and the good coffee and snacks!”

Clean of Heart clients enjoying coffee and conversation while their clothes are being washed.

“I stopped by a Catholic Church in downtown Columbia to get help with clothing. Someone told me what they were planning to do so I signed up. I have been coming for 18 months since it opened. I am thankful for the help they have been to me. Not just the help with laundry but also the Christian witness to me and how Clean of Heart shows compassion on the poor. Through them I see the true character of Christ and also how we should treat each other. Since I've been coming to Clean of Heart I've come back to Christ. I know that God put these folks into my life for a reason and I’ll be forever grateful.”

“I've been coming to Clean of Heart for 2 months. I heard about it from a friend. It’s wonderful and the people are nice and loving.”

Don’t forget to check back on Monday for more client stories!

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