Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lowcountry and Carter May Home Employee Introductions

Our final offices are located in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and in Charleston.

The Lowcountry regional office operates Our Lady’s Pantry, a food pantry that provides assistance to individuals primarily in Beaufort and surrounding counties. Our Lady’s Pantry is managed by Pam Rice. To learn more about this ministry, please check out our website.

Pam has been working for Catholic Charities for over a year. When she first began working for Catholic Charities, Pam split her time between ministries in the Lowcountry and other ministries of the Diocese. She began working full time with Our Lady’s Pantry this summer. In her free time, Pam likes to garden, dance, travel, and cook. For Pam, one of the best things about working for Catholic Charities is that it allows her to do the work she loves while also involving her faith. She welcomes any opportunities to pray with clients, especially when they share their lives and the difficulties they are having.

Janine, a staff member from another department, and Pam at a recent employee event.

In addition to the Coastal Catholic Charities office, Charleston is also home to the Carter May Home-St. Joseph Residence assisted living facility for the elderly. To learn more about this residence, please visit our website.

Administrator Janine Bauder began working with Catholic Charities 18 years ago at the Carter May Home-St. Joseph Residence. She loves her job, especially when she is able to help families and seniors find the resources and care that they need. She also likes her job because she is able to get to know the seniors living in this home and find ways to help them feel significant. It is important for her that the seniors living in this home feel loved and know that they are an important part of the community. When she is not working, Janine enjoys singing in her church choir, reading, baking, and gardening.

We hope you enjoyed this series and got to know our staff a little better! 
Check back soon to learn about some of their favorite stories and experiences from 2012!

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