Monday, December 24, 2012

Immigration Employee Introductions

One of our fastest growing programs is Immigration legal services. Emily Guerrero oversees a team of attorneys and immigration specialists who have offices throughout South Carolina. Since the passage of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Act, our Offices of Immigration Services have helped hundreds of people apply for temporary legal status and work authorization. We also opened two new Offices of Immigration Services this year, one in the Piedmont region and one in the Lowcountry. To learn more about the work of these offices and hear from Emily about their experiences, please visit past posts. You can also learn more about the programs, how to donate, and how to get involved on our website.

Emily has worked in the Catholic Charities Office of Immigration Services for 8 years. Her job requires her to work with a variety of people facing difficult situations. She is grateful for the opportunity to help these people and their families find the positive in negative situations. When she is not working with clients and overseeing the Immigration offices, Emily likes to run, bike, cook, and spend time with her children.

Blenda Suarez began working with Catholic Charities in 2011. When she first began working here, she was a member of the team in the Piedmont office. Recently Blenda began working in the newly opened Office of Immigration Services in Berea, in the Piedmont area. She enjoys crafting, scrap-booking  singing, and taking trips with her family.

Vanessa, Blenda, Emily, and Mily at a recent employee meeting.

In addition to our regional office and Berea Office of Immigration Services, the Piedmont region is also home to the Greenville Office of Immigration Services. Attorney Vanessa Garcia operates this office and has been with Catholic Charities since last fall.

When the Hilton Head Office of Immigration Services opened, we gained another wonderful staff member. Immigration Specialist Mily Choy, who manages this office, joined our team this spring.

The final member of the Immigration staff is Andrea Penafiel. Andrea is an Immigration Specialist and works in the office in Mt. Pleasant with Emily. Andrea began working with Catholic Charities Office of Immigration Services in 2006.

Blenda, Emily, Mily, Andrea, and Vanessa at an employee appreciation lunch.

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