Friday, December 14, 2012

Employee Series Kick-off!

December is a wonderful time of the year, however we confess that sometimes we get caught up in the busyness of the season- parties to attend, gifts to buy, family and friends to visit, yummy foods to make, and more! It’s easy to get distracted and forget to reflect on what a great year it has been.

2012 has been a wonderful year here at Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Charleston, Inc. We have added members to our team, opened new offices, launched programs, and helped people all over the state. We’re very proud of our wonderful staff members, who so diligently work to help the people coming into their offices each day. We also can’t rave enough about our stellar volunteers that faithfully serve at their local offices. Finally, we’re grateful to every person who has donated to Catholic Charities this year, allowing us to continue in our mission of providing care and services to improve the lives of South Carolinians in need. We could not survive and flourish as we have if any of these important groups were removed from the picture.

Staff members at a recent event.

In recent months you have heard from our volunteers and clients. Our volunteers shared about themselves and why they have chosen to serve at Catholic Charities, while clients shared about the difference Catholic Charities has made in their lives. We would now like to introduce you to the people that are on the ground each day, working to change lives by loving, serving, and teaching. Over the next few weeks we are bringing you posts that introduce you to our wonderful staff members.

Staff members at a recent event.

Check back in Monday for the first post, spotlighting our Midlands office!

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