Thursday, September 13, 2012

Volunteer Spotlight: Gwen Skipper

When Gwen Skipper retired, she promised to no longer work for money. Instead she began looking for new ways to donate her time and energy and, luck for us, chose to do so at Catholic Charities!  In the past Gwen has worked with Catholic Charities on other projects and now works in both the Catholic Charities Clothing Closet and Clean of Heart. She has been volunteering at the Clothing Closet since 2001 and began also volunteering at Clean of Heart when it opened. Gwen volunteers monthly and enjoys spending time with the people that come in, getting to know them, and seeing that they’re just like her with a few more challenges. One of her favorite things about volunteering is working with clients and seeing the change in their demeanor. She admits that sometimes individuals come in that are withdrawn or do not seem appreciative, however she also says that you learn to accept them as imperfect people and remember that God loves us all, even when we are being difficult.

When she isn’t volunteering, Gwen likes to garden and read. She also enjoys spending time with her family- her mother, husband, children, and grandchildren. Thanks for your years of service with Catholic Charities, Gwen, and for sharing about your experiences!

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