Friday, September 14, 2012

Carter-May Day of Caring 2012

"Are you ready for a little pampering?" "Oh yes, any time!"

With these words Trident United Way's annual Day of Caring began at our Carter-May Assisted Living Home. Carter-May is located in Charleston, SC, and provides assisted living services for older adults. Residents in this home receive excellent care, attention, meals, and more from our employees and volunteers. On Friday, September 7, volunteers from Blackbaud, MUSC Human Resources, Simply Your Spa, and University School of the Lowcountry participated in the 2012 Day of Caring and spent time helping at the Carter-May home.

University of the Lowcountry students singing "Happy Birthday" to some of the Carter-May residents.
Blackbaud volunteers worked inside to clean and paint our facility while students, parents, and staff members from University School of the Lowcountry worked outside on landscaping projects. Our residents created scrapbook pages with volunteers from the MUSC Human Resources department and were given manicures, pedicures and hand massages by the ladies from Simply Your Spa.

 Blackbaud employees painting inside Carter-May.

Heather Coll, a teacher at University School of the Lowcountry, attended with 6 students from the school. She said "We love coming to help out at Carter-May during the Day of Caring. It's my favorite event of the year. It gives students, parents and teachers a chance to get to know each other outside of school, spend time together, and give back to our community. It's also a great teaching opportunity for the kids and lets us teach them about volunteering and giving back."

Students from the University School of the Lowcountry working on landscaping projects.

Volunteers from the MUSC Human Resources department have been participating in the Day of Caring at Carter-May for several years. One of these volunteers said this- "I briefly considered going somewhere else this year, but I just love these ladies and couldn't pass up an opportunity to spend time with them!" These volunteers spent quality time with some of our residents and were able to get to know the them as they talked and scrapbooked together.

 MUSC Human Resources volunteers creating scrapbook pages with some of the residents.

The Simply Your Spa volunteers helped pamper our residents as they went around the home giving hand massages. They also give residents manicures and pedicures. While providing these services, they had the chance to talk to some of our residents. One resident shared that she and her husband use to enjoy traveling and their favorite place was the Grand Canyon. This resident told the volunteers all about the beautiful things they saw while on their Grand Canyon trip. As the resident was getting her nails painted, she asked the volunteer what the name of the polish color was. It turned out to be "Grand Canyon Sunrise"! This resident and the volunteers thought this was such a fun coincidence!

Our residents enjoyed hand and foot care provided by Simply Your Spa.

We had a wonderful time at the 2012 Day of Caring and are very grateful for all the volunteers did. A great big thanks to the volunteers and to Trident United Way for organizing this event each year! We can't wait for 2013 Day of Caring and hope to see some these volunteers return before then!!

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