Monday, August 6, 2012

A Message from Clean of Heart Volunteers part 2

Volunteers are key to a the success of an organization like Clean of Heart. The staff is very grateful for all the hard work these volunteers do and would love to speak with you to help you figure out the best way to get involved in this ministry. Learn more about this ministry and others in the Midlands by visiting the Catholic Charities of the Midlands website here.

"I have been involved with Clean of Heart even before it opened. I was fortunate to volunteer the day it opened. We served about 5 people that day. Now we are serving 12 to 14 people each day it is open. I have seen a wonderful transformation in those we serve. It has been a real asset to the community and I have been very blessed to be part of it." -Claire Wagner

"After having worked at Clean of Heart for a year, I still drive off the parking lot thinking how blessed I am and saying 'thank you' for the blessings the morning has given me. It is a good feeling to hear from our clients how they sincerely appreciate what we do." -Jim Gaebel

 Volunteers completing loads of laundry and meeting the needs of the Columbia homeless population


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